Mountain bikin in the Stubaital

The mountain biking arena in the heart of Tyrol!

Around 240 km of biking routes with an altitude difference of about 13.000 m, consistently signposted according to the MTB model in Tyrol, attract the rookies and the pros to the Stubaital in the summer.

Simply get on and ride away – you can start right outside the front door. Beginners can transport their bikes up the hill without any great difficulty with the cable cars.

We are always at your disposal with all sorts of tips and route recommendations! You will find bike and equipment rental locally.

Our recommendations for the most beautiful mountain bike tours

  • Recommendation 1: Elferlift mountain station, Agrar guest house, Issenangeralm, Herzeben-Alm
    Cycle for 3 km via Asphalt to the Neustift town, Stackler, just after the Stackler farm turn left and follow the local sign posts in the direction of Elferhütte. There’s an altitude difference of approx. 800m up to the Agrar guest house at 1.794 m.
    From there, carry on in the direction of Issenangeralm, down to Herzeben-Alm at 1.366 m above sea level. Before you go back in towards Neder in the balley, you could indulge yourself with a lovely rest at the traditional Herzeben-Alm.


  • Recommendation 2: Herzeben-Alm, Pinnisalm, Karalm
    Go past the Gasthof Zegger in Neustift, and afterwards follow the street left, uphill to the Spar shop.
    From there, go over the bridge to Haus Pinnistor uphill along the Pinnisbach (creek) up to the Herzeben-Alm at1.338 m and further, to the Issenangeralm at1.366 m.
    From there, follow the signs towards the Pennis- and Karalm (1.560m and 1.747m respectively) with wonderful views of the valley.


  • Recommendation 3: Pfurtschell, Knappenhütte, Kaserstattalm
    You begin right in front of the hotel via a small tarmac road up to Pfurtschell at 1.297m above sea level. After 5 km forest trail, you can reach either the Knappenhütte (1.750 m) or the Kaserstattalmm situated at1.890m above sea level.
    If you have then still got enough strength, you can go from the Kaserstattalm via a further forest trail at2.237m above sea level up to the Starkenburger Hütte and there, enjoy the view over the whole Stubaital.